As a local unit with professional tourism planning and design qualification in Tibet Autonomous Region, Yijing has been committed to promoting the tourism development in Tibet since 2009. With the planning and design standard of “high vision, high quality and high standard”, it provides one-stop solutions for customers in cultural tourism products, urban development and village construction. Yijing possesses the Tourism Planning and Design Qualification Certificate Class A, Urban and Rural Planning Qualification Class B, Engineering Design Qualification Class B, Civil Engineering Design Qualification Class B, Agricultural and Forestry Design Qualification Class B, Engineering Survey Qualification Class B, Engineering Unit Consulting Qualification Class B, and Highway Design Qualification Class C. It has provided planning and design results in high quality for various government sectors, enterprises and public institutions with its rigorous, trustworthy and professional abilities. Also, it has won numerous awards, including the Landscape Planning and Design Award in the Fourth and Fifth Idea King Award, Gold Award in National Classic Residential Building Planning and Design Competition held by Architectural Society of China, and Demonstration Achievement Award for Poverty Alleviation by Tourism Planning granted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Also, it was awarded as the Advanced Grassroots Party Branch of Tibet Autonomous region in 2012 and 2016.